We are promoting a Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (EA) for trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) currencies as well as offering managed accounts to accredited investors who want their funds handled as if they were our own.

We have seen too many trading “systems” that don’t work in the long term and needs constant monitoring or optimization. The AME Labs Forex Cashflow System (FCS) requires neither. The system is mathematical in nature and only uses a combination of price, lot size, profit and loss values.

  1. The FCS Plus, which connects to a Signal Service and automatically places trades for you. All of the features and functionality of the Standard Version are included in the Plus Version, meaning that you can place manual trades along with the auto-trader. This is a subscription service and will automatically trade for you as long as you are subscribed to the Signal Service.
  2. For manual trading, the FCS is an advanced Expert Advisor, scripts and Custom Indicators that work together to enable traders to significantly enhance their trading. The Standard Version uses the FCS SR Alerter Custom Indicator to alert you when it is time to trade and which direction to trade. It can be configured to pop up an alert, play a sound, or send an email. If you know your phone’s email address, you can have text messages sent directly to your phone when it’s time to place a trade! That means no sitting in front of the computer waiting for a signal. Just go about your day and then take action only when you get the alert. Signals occur at least once per day, so you’re not going to spend all day reacting to signals.

To purchase the FCS EA go to the Self Trading Page.
To have a managed account set up where we trade for you, go to the Managed Accounts page.
Please read the disclaimers, risk disclosure, terms of service and privacy policy prior to investing.